Anne van Otterloo Heart for dementia Assen

You are taking care of your partner, parent or friend who has dementia. As a family caregiver you do everything you can. Your loved one changes as a result of the disease. Sharing every day's joy and sorrow the way you used to is no longer possible. How can you become comfortable with a process that is so uncomfortable in itself?

Coach and expert, Anne van Otterloo, shares her insights into how resistance builds and offers practical solutions for dealing with the difficult situation you face.

For more understanding watch the in-depth interview.

(...) We love because we need to love, otherwise love loses all meaning and the sun Cover van 'Manuscript uit Accra' ceases to shine. A rose dreams of enjoying the company of bees, but none appears. The sun asks: "Aren't you tired of waiting?" "Yes," answers the rose, "but if I close my petals, I will wither and die." And yet, even when love does not appear, we remain open in its presence. Sometimes, when loneliness seems about to crush everything, the only way to resist is to keep loving. (...)

Quote from Paulo Coelho, Manuscript Found in Accra

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