Dementia and Care

Dilemma of feeling disempowered

In conversations about caregiving, something seems to be concealed under the veil of love: that is the feeling of disempowerment. Caring for a loved one with dementia is quite a challenge for every person concerned. The weight of such care can be demanding. But who takes care of you?

Caring for another seems to be matter-of-fact. The dilemma hidden within is that disempowerment creates a separation between the carer and their loved one with dementia. The bond of love slowly dissipates. The result is the tragedy of loss and suffering, for both you as the carer and for your loved one.

Heart directed support

This negative scenario is unnecessary. Heart directed support and coaching for the family caregiver can bring about change. You as a caregiver can become aware of your resistance and your feelings of disempowerment and learn to deal with them. As a coach, Anne van Otterloo can support you in this process. She knows your situation because she has been through the experience herself.

Anne van Otterloo Heart for Dementia Assen

"Taking care of your loved one is self-evident. It is something you do, not something you think or talk about."


Heart for Dementia

The number of people with dementia increases every day. The consequences of this condition are substantial, not only for the person that is affected by it, but also for the people like yourself who are near. You are present as the dementia progresses from early onset, and as a result of your commitment, you become a caregiver.