Coaching Caregivers

Acting from your heart

From my own experience with dementia I started looking for an education as a coach that fits with my personal experience as a caregiver. The Heart Intelligence method developed by Christian Pankhurst is the method I chose because it touches on deeper levels of the human experience. For me it is therefore very suitable for coaching caregivers, when they're dealing with the dementia of a loved one, and when they're feeling disempowered in that process.

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With this method you can learn to live from your heart by looking at what is in balance, or out of balance, in your physical, emotional and energetic systems. The Heart IQ model consists of 4 skills that are developed together - opening the heart, listening to the heart, following the heart and communicating from the heart.

Heart Intelligence is a practice. The skills are acquired through experiential practice preferably in a group setting. With caregivers a small group setting works best.

The HIQ method provides individual support as well as personal attention for every caregiver. As a coach I am a guide for the learning process and I help ensure the safety of the participants.